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Extended Wear Hearing Aid – The only 100% invisible solution that does not require surgery, these are the smallest devices currently on the market. Due to their specialist nature, Extended Wear hearing aids are only available from a select group of independent audiologists in the UK, including Sevenoaks Hearing, who have been specially trained in their prescription, operation and maintenance. Our Extended Wear product is Lyric. 100% invisible. Zero maintenance. Small but powerful. Professionally fitted.

While the discrete appearance of these devices is their most noteworthy feature, they have additional advantages which are worthy of consideration when choosing your hearing aid. Their batteries can last up to four months with no need for maintenance, removal and reinsertion. Hence the name Extended Wear. This makes them well suited to people with poor dexterity and sight, as well as those who want their hearing aid to function 24/7.

Extended Wear hearing aids use analogue technology to achieve their long battery life. Analogue is older than the digital technology found in the majority of alternatives. On paper at least, this may be expected to provide inferior performance. However, having fitted Extended Wear aids for many years, our patients have confirmed there is nothing out-dated about their sound quality.

As part of your assessment, the audiologist will look at the suitability of your ear by measuring the canal length and inserting dummy sizer devices. The real device is then programmed and fitted deep into the ear canal by your audiologist, where it stays for up to four months at a time. It can be switched on and off and the wearer can also adjust the volume if they wish, using a little wand. It is then removed and replaced by a new device.


It is important to mention that these products are not suitable for everyone. The size and shape of your ear canal may prevent suitable fitting. Taking this into account, approximately four out of five patients will be able to select these devices.

In-The-Ear (ITE)

This design sits comfortably in your outer ear. Being larger than the other in-ear designs, the controls are easier to adjust.
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BTE Hearing Aid

Behind-The-Ear (BTE)

Like the RIC, these aids also sit behind the ear and have a connect earpiece. Their slightly larger size increases power and battery life.
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Roger Doucy's case study

Roger wore National Health hearing aids for 10 years and found them to be very frustrating. Since coming to Sevenoaks Hearing, and having Lyric hearing aids, he’s got his natural hearing back again, so much so, he forgets he’s deaf.

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