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90 minute hearing assessment

90 minute hearing assessment

Our 90 minute hearing assessment is a comprehensive and professional consultation with one of our audiologists to build a detailed picture of your hearing profile. Once we’ve got a good idea of your hearing profile, we’ll be able to fully inform you of any hearing challenges you may have, and to discuss in depth how we can help you to overcome these challenges. None of our staff are paid on a commission basis, so you can rest assured you’ll get the right treatment for you.

1. Medical History

First, we’ll take your medical history and discuss how hearing loss affects your day-to-day life. To get a proper understanding of your lifestyle and requirements, we’ll complete a simple questionnaire.

hearing test

2. Examination

We then carry out a number of examinations and tests:

Video Otoscopy (examination of the ear with a camera) and remove any wax present.

We then carry out three functional tests:

  1. A Pure Tone Audiogram (standard hearing test) in a soundproof room;
  2. A speech understanding test in a quiet environment;
  3. A speech understanding test in an artificially noisy environment.

3. Results

Finally, we’ll talk you through the results of all three tests and discuss the options available to you to treat your hearing loss, including hearing systems from a range of manufacturers to best suit your needs.



3. Results hearing test

Sue Byrne's case study

Watch our case study video of Sue Byrne to find out how her experience with Sevenoaks Hearing has been. From painful hearing aids that needed constant battery changes – to comfy aids that she forgets she’s wearing.


Our friendly team of audiologists have helped thousands of people in Kent, Surrey, East & West Sussex and beyond to rediscover a world of clearer hearing to improve their daily lives.

More importantly, we’ve helped people rekindle their passion for music and theatre, feel more confident in social and professional settings, and made spending time with friends and family more pleasurable than ever.


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