Our clinics are now open by appointment only. We’re following government guidelines and are constantly updating our services and protocols in-line with these. Please contact us to book an appointment.

Hearing tests

An audiology assessment is often the first step to enhancing your hearing – and arguably the most important. That’s why we use the latest technology and take our time to build a clear picture of your unique hearing profile. This allows us to identify the cause of your problems with pinpoint accuracy.


After your hearing tests, we’ll sit down with you and work out the best course of action. This will take into consideration your unique hearing profile, your lifestyle and your budget. We’ll offer you our professional recommendations on the best hearing aid for you, but never pressure you into a decision – because only you know what is right for your hearing.

Hearing aid optimisation

If you’ve bought a hearing aid from someone else but aren’t happy with its performance, chances are it hasn’t been calibrated properly for your hearing profile. We can tune the settings to work perfectly for you, no matter which manufacturer made your hearing aid (please note, however, we are not able to adjust systems fitted by the NHS).

Wax removal

Earwax is totally natural and important for your ears to protect themselves. However, if wax becomes compacted, it can cause hearing problems. If you’re suffering from the build up of wax, we can clear your ear canals safely and hygienically, either by irrigation or micro-suction as part of our earwax removal service.

Impartial advice

If you’ve had a hearing assessment elsewhere which you’re unsure about, we can offer an impartial second opinion. Equally, if you wish to talk to us before proceeding with a hearing test, even if you’re thinking of using a different care centre, we can advise you on your options.

Home visits

If you’re unable to visit our clinics for any reason, we can bring our clinics to you. Thanks to modern technology, nearly all of our hearing tests and consultation services can be conducted in the comfort of your home. Please note we will need low ambient noise levels in your home to carry out some tests. Fees may also apply for some home visits.

Extended warranties

All the hearing aids we supply come with a standard two-year manufacturer’s warranty. But chances are you’ll want to use your hearing system for much longer than this. So for added peace of mind, when this warranty runs out we can offer you an extended warranty for the lifetime of the product. You can pay either annually or monthly.

Postal delivery service

We will happily send products, like batteries and accessories to your home, saving you the trip.

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