Hearing aids

Hearing aids are small devices, worn over your ear or in your ear canal, that add clarity and volume to your day-to-day hearing. Unlike hearing aids of the past, which could be a bit ungainly, today’s models are so discreet only you will know you’re wearing one. View hearing aids


100% invisible from the outside, Lyric is the most advanced hearing system on the market today. Currently, we are one of a select group of approved suppliers in the UK. View Lyric

Wireless accessories

We offer a range of accessories that directly connect your hearing aids to other electronic devices. Whether it’s your mobile or home phone, your television, computer or iPad, these wireless accessories give you clearer hearing instantly. We also provide discrete solutions such as remote controls for adjusting the volume of your hearing aid without anyone noticing.

Tinnitus masking devices

Tinnitus – a persistent ringing, buzzing or whirling sound in your ears – can be a very distressing condition. Masking devices work by creating ‘white noise’ which reduces the intrusiveness of your tinnitus, sometimes masking it altogether.

Noise protection

Prolonged exposure to loud music, motorcycle engines and industrial machinery are the most common causes of premature hearing loss. Thankfully, there are now many nuanced ways to protect your ears, blocking the harmful frequencies while allowing you to hold conversations, use your phone, and hear ambient sounds as normal.

Customised swimming plugs

Swimming plugs can protect your ears from water-borne infections. They are particularly useful for children, whose ears are more prone to infection than adults’. Our customised plugs provide a perfectly watertight and comfortable fit.