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At Sevenoaks Hearing, we believe a hearing aid should give you the freedom to live the life you want. For many people, that means choosing a device which nobody else can see. But there’s more to invisible hearing aids than meets the eye (or doesn’t, in this case).

Here are six reasons to consider an invisible hearing aid:

  1. They are invisible. Invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) hearing aids, to use their fancy medical name, are the smallest devices on the market. This means they sit furthest down your ear canal where no casual observer will ever see them. There are also no wires or earpieces visible on the surface so to all intents and purposes they are truly invisible.
  2. They work well in most environments. IICs essentially plug the ear canal so are very good at eliminating background noise. This means that in situations like business meetings or meals in restaurants, an invisible hearing aid should be up to the job.
  3. They wirelessly connect to TVs, computers, phones and other devices. Modern hearing aids need to link effortlessly with the technology you use everyday and IICs won’t let you down in this regard – they offer excellent compatibility.
  4. They are good for active lifestyles. Each IIC is custom-moulded to the shape of your ear, so they fit securely and can be worn for sports and other physical activities. This is a huge benefit if you don’t want to remove or risk damaging your hearing aid every time you go for a run or play a team sport.
  5. Some clients find they provide a more ‘natural’ sound. This is a slightly subjective issue, but because IICs don’t interfere with the sound-shaping contours of your outer ear, the quality of sound they produce is often described as ‘natural’ or ‘uncoloured’. For the same reason, they also allow your ear to continue identifying which direction sounds are coming from.
  6. They use less energy. Because IICs sit so far down your ear canal, they require less volume to produce the same perceived loudness as other aids. This also means there is less residual sound bouncing around your ear canal, which can cause feedback when using the phone.

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