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Mr Matt Wright, Brighton, Sussex, (Son of Mrs Barbara Wright)

“When I first heard about Sevenoaks Hearing I was immediately hopeful that my Mum’s hearing problems (even with fairly expensive hearing aids previously) could be resolved. We met Neil for the first assessment and I was very impressed with his approach, which was a mixture of comforting expertise and high-end technology. The assessment was so thorough both me and Mum were inspired by the huge advances in hearing aid technology on offer plus the amazing testing that Mum underwent to fine tune what she could and couldn’t hear. When the time came for the fitting, Mum was instantly amazed at the difference and as an acid test we drove home on the M25 with the radio on and we could have a conversation! The first time in 20 years! Since the fitting Mum has re-engaged with her friendship group for lunches and went to a residents meeting and could hear everyone clearly. Sevenoaks Hearing has improved Mum’s quality of life immeasurably and mine too as we can have easy normal tone conversations and Mum is back to her chatty humorous self in all situations. I cannot recommend them highly enough!”

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