Our clinics are now open by appointment only. We’re following government guidelines and are constantly updating our services and protocols in-line with these. Please contact us to book an appointment.

If you’ve ever suffered the trauma of sudden deafness or Sudden Sensorial Hearing Loss (SSHL), you don’t have to settle for a life of muffled sound and strained conversations just yet.

At Sevenoaks Hearing, we know that detail is everything when it comes to your hearing. That’s why we take our time to pinpoint your unique hearing strengths and weaknesses, whether your condition affected one or both ears. It’s why we use the latest technology to test your hearing and the latest aids to treat it. And it’s why we invite you back every six months to tune your aid, so you can enjoy clearer hearing and a richer life, year after year.

This attention to detail and service makes us very different to high-street hearing centres. And the results speak for themselves – 98% of our customers are so impressed they would recommend us to a friend.

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