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1. Yes, they really are invisible
To other people that is. This type of hearing aid is called Invisible In The Canal (IIC). They are the smallest devices currently available and sit deep down in the ear canal. No part of the device sits forward of your canal opening and there are no wires or tubes. This means they’re essentially invisible to the outside world. If you are reluctant to wear a hearing aid behind your ear for reasons of comfort or appearance, IICs might be a good option for you.

2. They sound just like your ears
As soundwaves enter your ear, they are channelled by the unique contours of your skin, which adds ‘colour’ to what you hear. Because IICs sit deep in the ear canal and have no wires or tubes to get in the way, they allow soundwaves to move around your ear just as before, giving the same natural colouration to the sound you hear. For this reason, many users find it particularly easy to adapt to wearing an IIC. A well-placed IIC can also improve your ability to tell where sounds are coming from.

3. They’re very comfortable
Because IICs are so small, light and discrete, many people find that once they’ve adapted to using them, they often forget they’re wearing a hearing aid at all.

4. They don’t affect how your voice sounds
Sometimes, when people wear hearing aids that fill a large amount of their ear, they find that their own voice sounds louder or deeper than before. This is the result of something called the occlusion effect. Essentially, what happens is that the low frequency soundwaves of your voice get caught between the ear drum and the ear piece of your hearing aid, giving the impression that the sound is louder or more bassy than it actually is. IICs don’t tend to create an occlusion effect as they are small enough for sound waves to escape up the ear canal rather than getting ‘trapped’. They also cover less of your ear, which creates less chance of vibration or sound distortion.

5. They’re energy efficient
IICs sit very close to the eardrum. This means they don’t require much power to achieve the same loudness as other hearing aids. Thanks to this lower volume, IICs can last just as long – or even longer – than other hearing aids despite having much small batteries. As an added bonus, the low volume also reduces the chance of feedback when you’re using the phone.

Is an invisible hearing aid right for you?
As with every type of hearing aid, IICs have advantages that will suit certain lifestyles more than others.

When helping our clients choose a hearing aid, we consider both their hearing condition and their lifestyle to find the perfect fit for their needs. As an independent clinic, we can also provide a hearing aids from all the top manufacturers. This means we can help you find the very best choice for your ears and your needs, whether that’s an IIC or a different type of hearing aid.

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