“It’s lovely to hear the birds again!!!”

Mr F Saalfeld, Shoreham, Kent


“I have been really thrilled with my new oticon OPN hearing aids. I am hearing better than I have done in years. Particularly in those difficult situations like a noisy restaurant or dinner party – I’m now finding I can hear what everyone round the table is saying, not just those on either side of me. And the connectivity to my iPhone means I can actually enjoy using my mobile phone for the first time! The phone now rings in my ears, so I can answer it before it stops ringing and then hear the conversation perfectly directly through my hearing aids. Matt was so patient in helping me find the right hearing aids for me. Thanks Sevenoaks hearing!”

Rusty Dawson, Sevenoaks, Kent

“Spending on hearing aids is a big expense. I spent time on websites and the newspaper ads. I also checked out services in Australia where I spend a lot of my time.  I had appointments with hearing services with opticians and chemist chains.  All of the above are sales oriented and staffed mainly by touring “specialists”. What sets Sevenoaks Hearing apart is the personal service and the mutuality of getting things right.  Matt “listens” …others don’t. Matt and his staff are there 6 days a week… Working for you.  You are not left to wait until “next week”  and  whether it will be a different touring “specialist” where you have to start all over again.  There is an additional expense using Matt… But this is paid back easily with the full service offered giving you the confidence in wearing your hearing aids …and knowing you have the best solution.”

Callum Hiscock, Sevenoaks

“We moved to Suffolk a couple of weeks ago, but there are definitely some things we will return to Kent for and Sevenoaks Hearing is one. They have already got me out of trouble – Due to problems moving, my hearing aid batteries ended up somewhere in the garage, but a call to Sevenoaks Hearing and there were batteries on my mat the next day.
Matt Cannon has looked after me for a number of years and has done a great job. As an ex NHS user and also having been let down by two other Hearing Aid Providers, I know where I am well off.
Matt has advised me and supported me and got me out of trouble. My new hearing aids really are the next best thing to having my hearing back!”

Mrs C Clark, Suffolk

“I could not recommend Sevenoaks H.C and Mr Matt Cannon highly enough. After many disillusioning experiences with various hearing aid providers, I was lucky to be recommended to S.H.C. by a friend. There, I had the most exhaustive and professional treatment I have ever had and the hearing aids that Mr Cannon provided have changed my life! If you have a hearing problem, visit S.H.C. it is the best!”

J Levey, Sevenoaks, Kent

“Many thanks for seeing me at such short notice today, I can’t express what a relief it is to be able to hear again!”

Sara Perfect, Sevenoaks

“We are both so pleased with the service we received and with the new hearing devices. My husband’s hearing has improved dramatically. If fact he now says the television is too loud – Would happily recommend Sevenoaks Hearing.”

K Bristow, Farnham, Surrey

“I want to thank you for all that you have achieved for me. The pitch and tone are perfect and I’m hearing better than I have in a long time… My children no longer have to ask whether my hearing aids are in!”

Jennifer Kingsmill, Sandwich, Kent

“I cannot thank you enough for the excellent service and attention”

Victor Griffiths, Whitstable, Kent

“I can now hear the cat purring which has been a big no no for a very long time. Needless to say, we will recommend your service should anyone need any hearing care”

Ron Christie, Tonbridge, Kent

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